It is that


… It is that

☢️ It is that …

?It was Jack who broke the window when we were playing football.
جک بود که موقع بازی فوتبال پنجره رو شکست.

?It is Jane that I want to marry.
من می خوام با جین ازدواج کنم.

? It was here in the supermarket that he met his first love.
اینجا تو سوپرمارکت بود که با اولین عشق زندگی اش ملاقات کرد.

➿ Conversation

?️ Who ate all the cookies.
کی کلوچه ها رو خورده؟

?️ I think it was the dog that ate them.
به نظرم سگه بوده که همشونو خورده.

?️ Are you sure?

?️ It’s possible.

?️ I think it was you who ate all the cookies but you’re trying to cover it up.
به نظرم خودت همه کلوچه ها رو خوردی و الان داری پنهان کاری می کنی.


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