… I have no idea that


… I have no idea that

☢️ I have no idea that …

?I have no idea she was a thief.
اصلاً نمی دونستم اون زن یه دزد بوده.

?He has no idea how to operate these machines.
اون اصلاً نمی دونه چطور باید از این ماشین استفاده کنه.

?I have no idea what time it is.
اصلاً نمی دونم ساعت چنده.

➿ Conversation

?️ Teacher 1: Have you met the new student Sally?
معلم اول: شاگرد تازه سالی رو دیدی؟

?️ Teacher 2: Yes, She is a very nice girl.
معلم دوم: بله، دختر خیلی خوبیه.

?️ Teacher 1: I kept asking her questions in class today, but she wouldn’t respond.
معلم اول: امروز تو کلاس چند بار ازش سؤال پرسیدم ولی جوابم رو نداد.

?️ Teacher2: That’s because she is hard of hearing.
معلم دوم: چون گوشش سنگینه.

?️ Teacher 1: I had no idea she had a hearing problem.
معلم اول: اصلاً نمی دونستم که مشکل شنوایی داره.

?️ Teacher 2: It’s not too serious. You should make her sit in the front of the class so she can hear you better.
معلم دوم: خیلی مشکل حادی نیست. باید جلوی کلاس بنشونی اش تا بهتر صداتو بشنوه.


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